Thursday, February 21, 2008

Here it goes, here it goes, here it goes again.

So, here we are once again. Time to don the big red gloves and sharpen our words. It's debatin' time.

. Woah, check out the collar on the T-Hilary. It's so ridiculous looking I can't even think of anything funny to say about them. It'd be like shooting fish in a small jug-like container. Also, hey, she knows how to drop names.

Okay, that was actually more like 7:21, but I was running behind and watching on the DVR. You'll note how I say DVR and not Tivo, since RCN (and noplace else now) has Tivo-brand DVRs included with TV service, which means our DVR, to put it simply, sucks. Color-coded buttons and a slow, laggy interface. Thanks, RCN! Didn't want to see that twenty minutes of the debate anyway.

Re-enactment of 7:06 - 7:26.
T-Hilary: Hey, did you know I know *famous person A* and *famous person b*?
Obama: Hel-
(T-Hilary lifts her collars, revealing two gauss rifles. She opens fire on the crowd.)

I ran out of gas before I got out of the garage. Screw this, I'll just pop in if they happen to say anything funny. You know what sucks? (Shit, dude is speaking Spanish. I want him to whisper soft somethings quietly into in my ear) Laugh tracks. So many potentially good shows are ruined by laugh tracks. They are borderline offensive to the viewers. It is like the networks can't trust us to find things funny unless we're told to find them funny. (I will find TV comedies funny within the first one-hundred days of my presidency.) In the student center I saw a minute or two of Two and a Half Men. There were a couple jokes which would have been hilarious if they didn't have fake laughter flowing over it. (lol, there is a fan somewhere under the table that keeps blowing Obama's note sheet up) screw this

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