Thursday, February 21, 2008

Here it goes, here it goes, here it goes again.

So, here we are once again. Time to don the big red gloves and sharpen our words. It's debatin' time.

. Woah, check out the collar on the T-Hilary. It's so ridiculous looking I can't even think of anything funny to say about them. It'd be like shooting fish in a small jug-like container. Also, hey, she knows how to drop names.

Okay, that was actually more like 7:21, but I was running behind and watching on the DVR. You'll note how I say DVR and not Tivo, since RCN (and noplace else now) has Tivo-brand DVRs included with TV service, which means our DVR, to put it simply, sucks. Color-coded buttons and a slow, laggy interface. Thanks, RCN! Didn't want to see that twenty minutes of the debate anyway.

Re-enactment of 7:06 - 7:26.
T-Hilary: Hey, did you know I know *famous person A* and *famous person b*?
Obama: Hel-
(T-Hilary lifts her collars, revealing two gauss rifles. She opens fire on the crowd.)

I ran out of gas before I got out of the garage. Screw this, I'll just pop in if they happen to say anything funny. You know what sucks? (Shit, dude is speaking Spanish. I want him to whisper soft somethings quietly into in my ear) Laugh tracks. So many potentially good shows are ruined by laugh tracks. They are borderline offensive to the viewers. It is like the networks can't trust us to find things funny unless we're told to find them funny. (I will find TV comedies funny within the first one-hundred days of my presidency.) In the student center I saw a minute or two of Two and a Half Men. There were a couple jokes which would have been hilarious if they didn't have fake laughter flowing over it. (lol, there is a fan somewhere under the table that keeps blowing Obama's note sheet up) screw this

It's been a gradual decline towards this over the years, but I think it's fairly obvious now that the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is now essentially one step away from softcore porn, so much so that it begs the question "why don't you just google 'boobies' for free?"

Over the past few years the pages have gone from focusing on beautiful women to good-looking women who wear less and less. Every year they get closer to full-out topless frontal nudity. What is the point anymore? You can just ask the guy for one of the magazines they keep behind the counter. Even the articles in it, which used to be good (really), have turned into mostly extended ads for one product or another.

I had some other stuff I was going to post about, but time sort of slipped away from me at work today so it's just teh bewbies. More later? Maybe.

P.S.: Dear SI, knock it the hell off with the goddamn body painting. We got sick of it years ago.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

On this day 1986, Japanese A/V Idol Reon Kadena was born.

Being a guy is just wonderful sometimes.

"On priests and puppy dogs," or "Hilary Attacks!"

It's been a couple weeks. How've you been, one or two possible readers? Hope you're well. You know, it's always awkward trying to make a blog post when you have ten people standing in front of you printing, waiting for a class to get out or using the stapler.

One of those places I'm never 100% sure what to do is at the base of an escalator, right next to the entrance for the escalator down to the next floor. If I'm going down and walking right onto the next one, I always find it amusing to judge whether or not I should just barrel through or let a person who is walking up go in front of me. I usually just barrel through because I'm more important than all the other sheep walking about. After work yesterday I was the one walking up as somebody was coming down from the next level, this priest I've seen around campus during my PC Depot days. I'm a good deal away, but he stops, smiles warmly, and waits for me to step into the escalator first.

This isn't a commentary on religion or my rather atheistic views on life, but really, I don't think anybody other than a priest would have not only stopped to let me through when he could have easily gone ahead of me, but been happy to do so. I guess my only semi-point is that it bothers me when people bash priests, because they're almost exclusively damn nice people. It made me feel a little better about stuff after a horrible day of work.

There was this jerk at the grocery store later on, though. I'm standing in line at Dominicks, and having neglected to pick up a cart, I'm carrying a huge, heavy load of food in my arms. Usually this is when the people in front of you scoot their stuff forward on the little conveyor belt, put up the yellow divider and let you put down some stuff. But this well-dressed guy and his hollow-headed well-dressed girlfriend turn, make direct eye contact with me, look at the food in my arms, and look back at the cashier. I guess it's not the SOP or anything to scoot your food forward to make room, but these people had their food in the middle of the belt all spread out, and they lookedright at me, so it got on my nerves a bit.

The cashier rings them up, and the belt opens up, so I move in to put down the load of food that's buckling my knees. I'm thwarted, however, by the WDGF. She was previously leaning onto the counter, and she didn't move, even though their food was bagged and her WDBF was in the process of paying. I stand there for a few seconds, dumbstruck that she won't get her ass out of my way. Eventually I get ticked to the point where I lean over and say "excuse me, could you move up so I can put my stuff down?" She turns, looks me up and down, gives me that kind of "I'm better than you" frown that makes you want to throw a salami at her, and goes back to leaning. The WDBF gives me that "back off" look.

I admittedly wound up holding the line up for a bit when I uttered "You unbelievable bitch" and the WDBF tried to get all up in my face about it (coming hilariously close to knocking the WDGF down), but I didn't mind.

Man, this has been a long post about nothing, hasn't it? I also totally forgot what the "puppy dogs" thing was going to be about. So uh, how about the T-Hilary, huh? She's lashing out trying to attack anything Obama could have potentially messed up a bit on. It's amusing how he's not lashing out at her. He's, you know, confident in himself.

Oh, and Blu-Ray won the format war. Toshiba is officially ending HD-DVD production. Universal and Paramount have announced they're going Blu-Ray. Next up... digital distribution kills Blu-Ray.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

You've got something on your forehead.

The last few days have been a blur of coughing, Heroes, more coughing, sleep, some coughing, and coughing. The Lady Nicole was cool enough to force medicine down my throat and keep me company, so it was actually halfway enjoyable, except for that coughing bit. Yesterday I felt almost human enough to go to the Mika show we had tickets to. I wasn't quite human enough but I figured I'd say "screw it" since I had been looking forward to it.

Now, I've seen a lot of concerts in my day, at least more than Joe Music. Does it make me a girl if I think the Mika concert was the best concert I've seen? For a tour hitting small venues like House of Blues, they sure had a hell of a lot of stuff going on on-stage, and almost every song had more going on than it did on the album. Huge setpieces, solos, weird... uh, rabbit stuff. It was awesome.

Anyway, I met the new coworker today. He plays Counter-Strike 1.6, not Source, so he's automatically awesome. Also got my package of pillows stuff in the mail today. Yay.

My temperature is back to normal but I'm still to under-the-weather to be here, my throat hurts and I'm mega-fatigued, though I don't think I'm contagious anymore. I'm going to be bailing at 3:30 and spending the evening at the lolpartment instead of class. I promise I'll get back to non-random-shit posts someday soon, really.

Monday, February 4, 2008

We're on a million dollar mission.

When I woke up late Saturday morning, my throat was a little raspy. I had been out the previous night seeing Rambo and went to a pub afterwards, so I figured my throat was worn out from talking more/louder than usual. However, as I progressed through the day, it became apparent that I was sick on some level, and I tried to milk as much fun out of the day as I could. By the time I got back to the apartment late Saturday night, though, I was miserable, with a temperature of 101.9 and a horrible whooping cough.

Yesterday was pretty much hell, and today was the same. The headache has gone away, but my throat gets dry very easily, and it's in a constant state of being swollen. Swallowing hurts, breathing hurts. Even my nose has gotten dry to the point of pain when I breathe. By now it seems to be getting a little bit better. I'm hoping that means the full-on assault of medication (thanks largely to Nicole) is doing it's job. It might just be receding for a bit, but if it's at the level it's at now by tomorrow night, I'll probably be able to actually go to the Mika concert we have tickets to. (Note - gargling the hell out of salt water with some cheyenne in it helps with the pain for a good 20 or 30 minutes).

With everybody gone at this hour, I've settled on having the TV on in the background, currently playing Deal or No Deal. Being sick the last few days, I've seen a lot of TV (which is very usual for me), and tons of commercials for this episode - the "million dollar mission," as it were. Now, this is where I ponder the reasoning behind that marketing. Are they really that desperate for ratings that they have to actually advertise the show as "Hey, we might give a million away this time, nudge nudge, we'll even make the odds of it like 5x better"? Is it just me or does that take away any point of watching the show? I was under the impression that you watched game shows to root for people and be excited. Knowing going into it that the odds are great and they'll almost definitely win, it sort of makes it seem entirely pointless to watch, save maybe the last five minutes.

Just an observation. I'm going to go back to being in pain now.

Edit: My package of the new pillows single, DVD and Nine Miles album arrived at work, but nobody thought to bring it to me. Gwarrgh.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Genius Squad has joined your party.

It's February first, which means the small wireless desk I've been working is now officially the LPC branch of the Genius Squad, of which I am the "pilot." I'm none too happy about the name, trust me, but apparently they're not letting us switch the name. I'm considering cutting off half of my old Best Buy uniform and attaching half a Genius Bar uniform, I think it'd be appropriate.

The staple comments have died down, due largely to the layers of scotch tape that I bound the broken stapler shut with. People still struggle with it for a few seconds, but they're at least catching on now that something is afoot with the stapler. I was going to do a big post today, but I actually had to do real, constant work all day. It's sort of nice, to have a purpose again, but I was growing accustomed to all the down time. I still miss my old job at the depot, though, mainly because I could actually play decently loud music there. If I tried the same here I'd have Lincoln Park Trixies all over my white suburbanite ass.

So my thoughtful post will be replaced by a random shit post, which I suppose is good once in a while. First off, for those of you with Vista, you know how when you do the good 'ol three-fingered-salute to get to the Task Manager, it brings you to a system screen instead of going straight to the TM? The magic fix is to instead hit Ctrl-Shift-Esc with a flick of that bony-ass wrist of yours, you nerd.

Also, I saw this earlier today, and while I generally try not to make "lol luk at this funny vid i find on internet" posts, I thought this was worth sharing (though I am fairly certain this is not really read by anybody yet).


"That's pretty harsh."
"Well, so's your coffee."

The moral of the story is that Foldger's will get your husband to have sex with you. Maybe he'll give you a day out of the kitchen, too.

Anyway, it's one past five and I think I'm going to get the hell out of here, make a deposit at the bank, dick around on my PC for a bit... and then going to see fucking RAMBO.