Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Can you hear it calling?

Ever screwed yourself over real bad? I mean bad.

Like you knew it was coming and had it in mind to make sure not to mess up, but you sort of still mess up off the bat, but it's still salvageable, and then you make a decision you think will make things even better than they would have been but it winds up taking you to a worse place than you already were, except this time it's too late to change anything or to go back to the original plan...

Ever done that? It's like shooting yourself in the foot repeatedly as you're watching a YouTube of your dog getting kicked set to loop, and the only thing you have to drink is Gatorate Fucking A.M.

I'm ready for the real world. The grind of having a job while trying to make it towards that dream/goal floating out there in the ether. I'm fine with that. I just no longer have the humor for this last quarter or two of School Bullshit I have to push through. I've learned my life lessons, I've grown as a person, I am prepared for the real world. But I'm not, actually... I still have to get a science lab, history class, stats class and an arts and lit credit in first. THEN I'll be truly prepared for the real world.

The M.D. in "Bill Murray, M.D." stands for "Mega Dick," btw.

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