Saturday, June 28, 2008

if the world ended today, who would you want to see?

Quick one, more of a note to myself to write when I actually get the chance.

  • The new pillows album kicks more ass than their other 2000s albums, but still doesn't come close to their late-90s period. Also, following a band sucks, because the past year of listening to the singles, b-sides and watching PVs on YouTube meant that by time I got the CD in my hands today I had already heard 6 of the 11 songs. A few of those new 5 fucking rock, though.
  • Wall-E is so good it's unfair to other filmmakers. Coming out of Ratatouille, I was f'n estatic, and my cheeks hurt from having laughed so much, but I had a couple nagging issues with it, being the "I am now describing what you are either seeing or are too stupid to figure out yourself" narration that hurt a couple comedic and poignant moments, and the truly cringe-inducing exchange between Remy and Brian Dennehy which unfortunately was a major turning point in the movie's plot. When I really love the hell out of a movie, I usually don't notice things that irk me until the second or third viewing - and I love the hell out of Ratatouille - but those couple things stood out loud and clear when they were surrounded by such staggering quality in every other aspect of the production. Coming out of Wall-E, there was not a single iota of remote criticism in my head. I saw it a second time, and still nothing. I was thinking about it earlier today and there really isn't a single thing I have a problem with in the movie. I think I described Ratatouille as tantalizingly close to perfection, a slam-dunk that makes a little scuff on it's way in, and in that sense Wall-E is a nothing-but-net swish of a slam-fucking-dunkaroo. Ratatouille was the funnier of the two by a pretty good margin (and now stands as my second-favorite animated movie so I obviously still love it), but Wall-E tugged on my heart-strings more than Enchanted and moved me more than Stranger Than Fiction. Pixar has really moved beyond the point where their films are judged as animated movies, they are simply films now and should be judged as such, and I'll personally kick anybody who doesn't agree with me on that one.
  • I need to get NBA Jam for MAME.
  • And some Dunkaroos.

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