Sunday, June 8, 2008

She can be a tad hysterical, but never quite the breakthrough

Alex's animation is done, for now at least. It turned out pretty well and got a really great reception at the DC Premier 3 festival. At some point I'm going to go back and make the sound more kickass.

I'm still trying to figure out exactly what it is I want to do. While I had done a good deal of planning, the sound was essentially done for this animation in a week, and I had a lot of fun with it. Hearing the sound for the other projects at Premier often made me cringe, and I kind of wanted to take their movies and make the sound better. At the same time, though, editing is still sort of my thing. But I have a ton of ideas for composition, too. And animation keeps tugging at me.

That is the point I'm at for summer, deciding what I want my summer project to be. I could write and start the planning stages of doing a short, and maybe even start, but I only know a couple people in the area who would be willing to help, I know no actor-types and wouldn't want to have to actually pay somebody (unless I wind up with a badass script I guess). It isn't very practical seeing how I didn't get into one of these DC cliques back when I started here.

I do want to do an animation. It's more practical, and honestly it's the option I want to do more. However... I'm not sure if there is much of a point to it. I would like to be involved in animation one day, but I don't see how making a shitty little hand-drawn thing could help me out much with that. While it's a summer project, I want it to be something that I can actually use for job type stuff. I guess if it's real kickass it could be used for that, but I'd have to nail it on the composition, editing, sound, and, you know, animation fronts. That last one is the real kicker. This will be the second hand-drawn animation I've done ever, and I simply can't draw. I like to think I could animate well, but I know I can't draw.

Is there a point of trying to make a hand-drawn animation if I can't draw well?

I guess I have some thinking to do.

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