Wednesday, September 3, 2008

it's plain to see, evil inside of me, is on the rise

It recently occurred to me that there are four specific albums that are very important to me, in that they were some of the first I listened to, and that they are the four that most shaped who I am.

Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream (1993) taught me that there is beauty in every aspect of life, the happy and the sad, the bright and the dark.

Green Day - Dookie (1994) put a pinch of a rebellious tendency in me, made me take a little bit of an edge to everything I do, and reminded me that it's awesome to sing along to songs in the car.

Foo Fighters - The Color and the Shape (1997) made me angry, made me sad, and made me realize how precious the fleeting moments of love and happiness in life are, and how they are worth fighting for.

Finally, Weezer - Weezer ("blue album") (1994), my first and possibly favorite album, has always been a constant reminder to always have a smile on my face, no matter how many bad things come my way, and that it isn't always a bad thing to be the funny guy, the laughing guy, the guy who always has a slightly skewed view of how things work. Most importantly, it makes me somehow feel okay about being myself.
*In The Garage might be my favorite song

Bonus points to the pillows - Happy Bivouac (1999) for being the soundtrack to every summer I have had and every summer I will ever have.


Anonymous said...

It's plain to see, you've good taste in music!! ") And a playful yet philosophical outlook on life.

Hope you live a splendid one!

Peace. ~Amber

akai said...

Hey it's cool that we both like "my eyes" from the dr horrible sing along blog =]