Thursday, January 31, 2008

Obama/Clinton Debate: There really are better sports announcers than Michael Buffer.

7:10. You know, without bringing personal views on politics into it, I really do think Hilary Clinton is a terminator, sent back to kill James Cameron.

7:16. Why the hell don't candidates look at each other when they're talking? When one is talking the other will look intently at them, but the one speaking never makes eye contact with the other, even when they are referring to the both of them. It's one of those things that weirds me out about politics.

7:19. Obama is taking a black marker to take notes, while Hilary is using a red marker. This only supports my theory of terminator Hilary.

7:24. They're sharp dressers. I'm digging the T-Hilary's dark red shirt and light blue jewelry thing. She also just used the term "nibbled to death," and I can't help but picture Hamtaro nibbling on a kid until they die from overwhelming adorableness. Shut up. Hamtaro is delightful and you know it. Don't judge me.

7:29. You can see the sparks shooting between them. Also, this is at the Kodak Theater (current home of the Academy Awards), instead of Wolf Boy cutting in when one person is speaking too long, they should really just have a pit orchestra kick in with a "STFU" queue. Christ, are there commercials in this thing? I have to take a wicked yes.

7:35. Oh, wait, DVR, I can pause this.

7:41. Hey, it's Jason Alexander in the crowd. Still bald as ever. This is like a boxing match, shucking, jiving and juking. And a wail, you gotta, jump jive and wail.

7:49. Blitzkrieg is pushing Obama to make a personal jab at the T-Hilary on stage. He's literally pushing him to do so. I am so sick of this sensationalist bullshit that has infected the media. If they start bickering, then hey, fun fun, but I hate it when the mediator intentionally tries to start it.

7:54. Here come the direct jabs at each other. To not use the boxing cliché,

8:12. "Now, I don't want to be judged on my husband's accomplishments, so let me list off everything he did well while he was president." Rob Reiner is in the crowd looking pissed off for some reason. I thought they're supposed to be jolly.

8:23. Obama talks about something he differs from Clinton on. The WB stops the next question and says to the T-Hilary "That was clearly a swipe at you." Okay, look, CNN. Cut this shit out. This isn't about your news network getting more ratings, it's about education people on the candidates. Knock off this creating conflict crap. At least they don't have sound effects over everything (though they caved and are now doing that during their normal shows).

8: 27. Best mis-statement ever: "Since the American invasion of Rock." Topher Grace is not amused. Also, he has a stupid name.

8:33. Woah, shit, Obama comes out swinging. And Jesus, 'Lil Blitzie is being a dick.

8:42. Uh-oh, here come questions about sex and violence in Hollywood. If either of them say ANYTHING about the government stepping into film distribution/censorship, I swear to God, I'll vote republican. Okay, Obama only hinted at stepping in a bit with marketing and who products are marketed to, but that's still more than I want.

8:54. T-Hilary: "I agree with everything Senator Obama just said." Post-teen Wolf: "That means it's B.S., right?" OMG. The two have been really friendly today, genuinely so. It's good to see.

8:55: SkyNet goes online. Three billion human lives end. The survivors of the nuclear fire will call the war Judgement Day.

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