Friday, February 1, 2008

Genius Squad has joined your party.

It's February first, which means the small wireless desk I've been working is now officially the LPC branch of the Genius Squad, of which I am the "pilot." I'm none too happy about the name, trust me, but apparently they're not letting us switch the name. I'm considering cutting off half of my old Best Buy uniform and attaching half a Genius Bar uniform, I think it'd be appropriate.

The staple comments have died down, due largely to the layers of scotch tape that I bound the broken stapler shut with. People still struggle with it for a few seconds, but they're at least catching on now that something is afoot with the stapler. I was going to do a big post today, but I actually had to do real, constant work all day. It's sort of nice, to have a purpose again, but I was growing accustomed to all the down time. I still miss my old job at the depot, though, mainly because I could actually play decently loud music there. If I tried the same here I'd have Lincoln Park Trixies all over my white suburbanite ass.

So my thoughtful post will be replaced by a random shit post, which I suppose is good once in a while. First off, for those of you with Vista, you know how when you do the good 'ol three-fingered-salute to get to the Task Manager, it brings you to a system screen instead of going straight to the TM? The magic fix is to instead hit Ctrl-Shift-Esc with a flick of that bony-ass wrist of yours, you nerd.

Also, I saw this earlier today, and while I generally try not to make "lol luk at this funny vid i find on internet" posts, I thought this was worth sharing (though I am fairly certain this is not really read by anybody yet).


"That's pretty harsh."
"Well, so's your coffee."

The moral of the story is that Foldger's will get your husband to have sex with you. Maybe he'll give you a day out of the kitchen, too.

Anyway, it's one past five and I think I'm going to get the hell out of here, make a deposit at the bank, dick around on my PC for a bit... and then going to see fucking RAMBO.

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