Wednesday, February 6, 2008

You've got something on your forehead.

The last few days have been a blur of coughing, Heroes, more coughing, sleep, some coughing, and coughing. The Lady Nicole was cool enough to force medicine down my throat and keep me company, so it was actually halfway enjoyable, except for that coughing bit. Yesterday I felt almost human enough to go to the Mika show we had tickets to. I wasn't quite human enough but I figured I'd say "screw it" since I had been looking forward to it.

Now, I've seen a lot of concerts in my day, at least more than Joe Music. Does it make me a girl if I think the Mika concert was the best concert I've seen? For a tour hitting small venues like House of Blues, they sure had a hell of a lot of stuff going on on-stage, and almost every song had more going on than it did on the album. Huge setpieces, solos, weird... uh, rabbit stuff. It was awesome.

Anyway, I met the new coworker today. He plays Counter-Strike 1.6, not Source, so he's automatically awesome. Also got my package of pillows stuff in the mail today. Yay.

My temperature is back to normal but I'm still to under-the-weather to be here, my throat hurts and I'm mega-fatigued, though I don't think I'm contagious anymore. I'm going to be bailing at 3:30 and spending the evening at the lolpartment instead of class. I promise I'll get back to non-random-shit posts someday soon, really.

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