Monday, February 4, 2008

We're on a million dollar mission.

When I woke up late Saturday morning, my throat was a little raspy. I had been out the previous night seeing Rambo and went to a pub afterwards, so I figured my throat was worn out from talking more/louder than usual. However, as I progressed through the day, it became apparent that I was sick on some level, and I tried to milk as much fun out of the day as I could. By the time I got back to the apartment late Saturday night, though, I was miserable, with a temperature of 101.9 and a horrible whooping cough.

Yesterday was pretty much hell, and today was the same. The headache has gone away, but my throat gets dry very easily, and it's in a constant state of being swollen. Swallowing hurts, breathing hurts. Even my nose has gotten dry to the point of pain when I breathe. By now it seems to be getting a little bit better. I'm hoping that means the full-on assault of medication (thanks largely to Nicole) is doing it's job. It might just be receding for a bit, but if it's at the level it's at now by tomorrow night, I'll probably be able to actually go to the Mika concert we have tickets to. (Note - gargling the hell out of salt water with some cheyenne in it helps with the pain for a good 20 or 30 minutes).

With everybody gone at this hour, I've settled on having the TV on in the background, currently playing Deal or No Deal. Being sick the last few days, I've seen a lot of TV (which is very usual for me), and tons of commercials for this episode - the "million dollar mission," as it were. Now, this is where I ponder the reasoning behind that marketing. Are they really that desperate for ratings that they have to actually advertise the show as "Hey, we might give a million away this time, nudge nudge, we'll even make the odds of it like 5x better"? Is it just me or does that take away any point of watching the show? I was under the impression that you watched game shows to root for people and be excited. Knowing going into it that the odds are great and they'll almost definitely win, it sort of makes it seem entirely pointless to watch, save maybe the last five minutes.

Just an observation. I'm going to go back to being in pain now.

Edit: My package of the new pillows single, DVD and Nine Miles album arrived at work, but nobody thought to bring it to me. Gwarrgh.

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