Tuesday, May 13, 2008

kizudarake no sukoshi yuganda SANGARASU wo kakete

It still amazes me just how stupid people are. In the last few weeks, the springs in our staplers have been broken, so you have to hold them open yourselves. This takes people long enough to figure out. However, as we draw nearer and nearer to the end of the quarter, people start to print out big long papers. The staplers can still handle them most of the time, but occasionally they'll get a little stuck. They still staple through just fine, but they kind of hang on to the paper until you tug a little bit.

Do people try to simply remove their paper? No - they slam down on the stapler, again and again, thinking "well if I jam the hell out of the staple on my paper and get another one or five jammed in the stapler itself it must start working," or more likely it just makes them feel better about themselves.

It's real hard to get anything creative done at work. I've found that in order to be in a good "mood" for creative stuff on any given day, I have to start out with a good deal of sun or air or something. Being in the middle of the city this isn't the easiest thing. Sometimes I go downtown and walk through Millenium park and chill at the lake for a little bit, which always seems to get me going pretty good, but it's not something that time allows very often. It's damn near impossible to get anything done sitting in this lab with no windows, burning under the florescent lighting, and a few hours in here will put you in a funky mood for the rest of the day.

This job kind of sucks.


Alex said...

"Wear the slightly bent, broke-ass sunglasses"? Pillows are weird.

petethepanda said...

It's a song about becoming popular and "mainstream" but not going along with what you're supposed to do and be in that situation. A lot like that new Weezer song, actually.

You're weird.