Monday, July 14, 2008

attack the weak point for massive damage

The Microsoft E3 conference was a joke. Multiplatform games, sequels we don't care about, casual shit nobody cares about, and lots and lots of unnecessary bloom. Me and my boss were having a good laugh at it.

And then the megaton.

Final Fantasy is no longer a Sony exclusive.

This spells, well, doom for the PS3. See, FF was Sony's "flagship" exclusive series, if you will. Why did a lot of people go PS1? FFVII. Why did lots of people go PS2? FFX. Now there is one less reason to get the PS3 over the 360, and with this being such a huge title to do so, it's not hard to think that the rest of their exclusives will follow suit. However, there aren't really any exclusives anymore to follow suit... the only real big one is MGS4, but that's already done it's thing, and it's a known fact that it's more of a niche game and won't have the impact of Final "freaking" Fantasy XIII.

When I got the PS3, I had come to terms with the fact that the 360 was the superior multimedia device. The PS3 has Blu-Ray, sure, but the 360 has better media stream/playing abilities as far as files from the PC go, and it has a HUGE library of TV shows and movies, most in 1080p, to watch/rent on-demand. The online multiplayer, while subscription based, is also VASTLY superior on the 360, but I was okay with that, I have my PC for good multiplayer. As far as games go, I thought, they'll both be the same, except the PS3 has MGS4, and the 360 has a bunch of games that'll also come out on PC.

That is the part that is troubling. Now that Final Fantasy is gone, I don't think the PS3 will be able to catch up to the 360 in sales. For the most part, you would think that this wouldn't make a difference, since at least 90% of big games nowadays are multiplatform. The hitch is that nagging tendency for the PS3 version of a multiplatform game to be the inferior one, whether it be due to bugs, poor programming, being optimised for 360 and shoddily ported to PS3, bad online play... the list goes on. The FF thing troubles me, because if there are now even fewer reasons for people to go PS3, and the 360 will get a lot of newcomers now thanks to FF, why bother making the PS3 versions of multiplatform games stack up?

Sony is in a heap of trouble. In my mind, their last hope is to whip out something that has turned into a lost remnant of a past age... the possible trump card, known as the Original IP.

I don't know if it's likely, but a bit of me wants to hope that at their conference tomorrow, Sony will surprise us with an original IP, a killer-app that isn't a sequel.

A guy can hope, right?

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