Tuesday, July 8, 2008

trying to pull myself away

I'm working at the depot Tu-Th, the "Genius Squad" desk W-F, and now lab tech on M, so I'm officially DePaul LPC IS's bitch. Not too thrilled, but money is money. Hopefully I can find less stressful money in the near future.

At work (depot) we come across many an old machine. The second I see a 4 or 5 year old Gateway, I shudder, since it usually is a big road sign saying "hours of waiting ahead." However, it's nice when once in a while you come across an ancient PC that boots fast and runs like a charm. When you deal with so much old shit on a daily basis, finding one that has been well-maintained is quite a treat.

After this nice PC I had earlier, though, we went right into three horrifically slow ones. You can tell the worst of the worst before even touching the mouse. The keyboard has an incredible amount of god-knows-what all over it. There's a desktop icon for Netscape Navigator. The resolution is 800x600 or lower. Best of all, there's the ancient ball mouse, which will inevitably add another ten minutes of fiddling around with the damn thing until you can click what you need to.

See those black things on the keyboard? They were all excessively sticky. The four or five times I had to hit "P" I wanted to puke.

One guy had an old HP box on a shelf. Looking at it, I thought of something somewhat random. You know how they always have people just kind of smiling on the boxes? How exactly do they get that job?

"You should buy this printer. Trust me. I'm wearing a lab coat."

Does somebody at HP walk up to them and go "Hey, you know what, you'd look good on a box"? For that matter, wouldn't that be slightly disheartening? You've never been approached to be a model or to be in a movie or anything, but oh man, you're perfect for this cardboard box.

You're so hot you'll be on the French side.

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