Friday, July 11, 2008

"The guy said I shouldn't take Japanese till senior year."

One of the funny little things about Union Station I'll miss when I'm gone is the McDonald's. There isn't really a line, it's more a mass of people trying to either get to a cashier or fight their way back to the front to grab their food. The thing that makes it awesome is the fact that the cashiers literally yell "Hi may I help you?" over and over, waiting for somebody to come to them. It's like the seagulls in Finding Nemo. Once in a while two cashiers overlap each other so you get this strange stereo effect which is downright eerie.

I drove today, though, so I'm not sure why I bring that up.

They're doing advising sessions for incoming freshman in the two labs in front of me. The downside is that the profs in there come to me expecting me to alleviate them of all their computer issues, but I occasionally get into a good conversation with some of the freshmen when they're waiting around for their name to be called.

It's a strange feeling, being around for that. Four years ago I was in the same place, except I was shoved in to LA&S advising when I quite obviously was supposed to be at CTI. They went with it, though, and tried to wedge me into the history department. Right now there are pissed off students walking out, complaining about how their randomly assigned advisor either didn't know anything, or told them to not take a language their first year, or other ridiculous bullshit. It's nice to see that DePaul hasn't changed. They have a legacy of service to keep carrying down through the years.

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Alex said...

Wow, I hope you set some of those kids straight. I wanted to take Japanese my freshman year but my know-nothing adviser told me to wait until winter which of course there are no language classes offered. If I would have waited until senior year to take Japanese....

Well I could make a grocery list of things I would have missed. A really freaking long one.